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Meet Our New Coding Champions at RCYF’s Annual Gamer Nation Summer Camp

We had a great Gamer Nation coding week at the River City

Youth Foundation campus in southeast Austin’s Dove Springs.

About 30 students learned how to design and code their own

video games. We had three learning groups - Kinder Coders,

Elementary Coders, and MS/HS Coders. We also had an

amazing group of Girl Coders.

Our elementary and MS/HS camps gave presentations on

their coding projects to a panel of judges. Some of our students

also competed in LEGO design projects. Students with the top

scores earned prizes.

To top off their hard work, RCYF treated the students to a

special day complete with a mobile gaming truck and laser tag

unit. Watch this video to see all the fun highlights!

All of RCYF’s summer youth programs were held in RCYF’s

outside facilities with social distancing and Covid safety in mind.

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