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Amazing Six Weeks of Summer Camps at RCYF 😊🔥

River City Youth Foundation's summer camp was an absolute blast, bursting with energy and a hands-on adventure into science, art, music, sports, and health!

WHOA! Did we say 105 degrees? No sweat! Our campers dove headfirst into the heat, learning the vital tricks of staying hydrated and loving every splash of it. Water bottles were our best friends, and no one was left thirsty for knowledge (or water)!

Here's an overview of the non-stop activities over six weeks:

Week 1 - Sports & Wellness

Campers jumped into new sports, creating memories and bonding with their peers and camp counselors. But it wasn't all play; our kitchen turned into a learning hub where campers whipped up scrumptious smoothies and healthy snacks using budget-friendly ingredients. They learned the importance of water hydration, how to read nutrition labels, and how to keep an eye on saturated fats, sugar, and salt. Beyond the fun and games, our campers emerged wiser about their health and richer in friendships.

Week 2 - Team Work

Whoosh! Teamwork took center stage this week at RCYF's summer camp! Students dove into action-packed games, fun crafts, and exhilarating sports, all with one mission: mastering the art of teamwork and communication. Every pass, every paint stroke, and every high-five echoed the same message - together, we're unstoppable! We watched as teams turned challenges into victories, using the power of collaboration. It was more than just fun; it was a week of "We've got this!" moments, proving that when we team up, magic happens. Go, team, go!

Week 3 - Communication

Lights, camera, COMMUNICATION! Our campers channeled their inner stars during this week's theme, all leading up to a dazzling talent show finale. Building on their teamwork week, they huddled in dynamic duos, brainstorming, delegating, and rehearsing like seasoned pros. And the crowning moment? Twin 7-year-old dynamos who left jaws on the floor with their synchronized gymnastics magic! 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ Cheers echoed as they nabbed the top prize, perfectly embracing the spirit of teamwork meets talent. Encore, please!

Week 4 - Art & Music

This camp week was a splash of colors and rhythms! Campers dabbled in diverse art forms, everything from glue art, paper mache, and murals. Their creativity knew no bounds! Meanwhile, our high schoolers crafted their very own music beats using various tech apps. The fusion of traditional artistry with modern melody made for a week that was nothing short of a masterpiece. It's safe to say, creativity was our campers' superpower!

Week 5 - Science Behind the Sports

What an action-packed "Science Behind the Sports" week we had! Our athletes-turned-scientists tackled sports with a twist. Spike ball, tetherball, limbo—each game became a lesson in physics. Ever wondered why the tetherball spirals downward? Or how limbo champions defy gravity? Gravitational forces and Newton's laws stole the spotlight, making every jump, swing, and lean an exploration into the wonders of science. As campers connected sports to these universal principles, they grew more excited. Who knew science could elevate the games we love to a whole new level? To top off our week, students went on a field trip to Camp Glimmer at Candlelight Ranch. Here, they soared on ziplines, learned archery, and conquered rock climbing, experiencing firsthand the exhilarating fusion of physics and fun.

Week 6 - Finale, Camp Graduation & Prizes

The final camp experience was Graduation Week, and what a finale it was! Our standout campers, racking up the most camp points for the summer, were rewarded with some amazing prizes, from mountain bikes to epic toy sets. But every camper was a winner this week. To celebrate, we took a refreshing plunge into a local water park, splashing, sliding, and soaking up the sun. It was the perfect capstone to an incredible summer, mixing achievement with pure, undiluted fun.

"Awesome," "Amazing," & "Unforgettable"

These are the words students used to describe their summer at RCYF in their post-camp surveys. Activities were more than just fun; they were a canvas for learning. Along with developing sports, arts, communication skills and more, campers honed soft skills like collaboration, critical thinking, and patience. They learned to appreciate each other's creativity and to see possibilities in everyday challenges and projects. In the end, the summer was very much about crafting a stronger, more imaginative, and empathetic self.

Cheers to a summer well-spent and memories that will last a lifetime!

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