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College & Career Week at RCYF Summer Camps

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

During Week 5 of RCYF’s 2019 Summer Camps, our middle/high schoolers set career goals and learned how to create a path to achieving those goals through a higher education. The week included a visit to Texas State Technical College (TSCT) in Waco and a behind-the-scenes career tour of Spectrum News 8 in Austin.

At TSTC Waco they learned about:

· High-demand degree programs they can complete in just 12 to 18 months at TSTC Waco

· A path to high-paying careers such as robotics, coding, and cybersecurity

· An overview of the hands-on instruction offered at TSTC Waco, which differs from lecture-based learning; and

· TSTC’s model to focus first on finding jobs for graduates (this is how they get funded!)

One summer camper Esteban said “I loved learning about the robots and 3-D Printing. It was the first time I ever saw something like that.”

“The campus was small, but nice. I liked the technology. If I were to go here, I would study robotics,” added Vanessa.

The students capped off the week with another amazing experience at Spectrum News in Austin where they had an opportunity to:

· Hear firsthand from assignments editors and producers on how the news is gathered and distributed statewide

· Gain practice in front of the screen as news anchors; and

· Understand the news cycle for meteorologists who track and report on the weather

See more highlights from summer at RCYF’s Facebook page


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