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Epic Summer Adventures at Candlelight Ranch

Updated: May 8, 2023

Our group of spirited RCYF campers had an opportunity to experience another summer adventure they'll never forget. At Candlelight Ranch in Marble Falls, Texas, they were given the opportunity to not only strengthen their friendships but also learn valuable life skills and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Of all the exhilarating sights and sounds they experienced was the thrill of ziplining across awe-inspiring canyons, 120 feet above the ground, feeling the wind rush through their hair as they conquered their fears. And if that wasn't enough of a dare, they also learned archery and practiced their shooting skills with bows and arrows, guided by skilled instructors.

Between all the action-packed moments of rock climbing and hiking, RCYF students also enjoyed a splash pad battle, cooling off from the Texas heat, and found joy and serenity in bonding with the gentle horses and donkeys. Another highlight was a visit to the picturesque Balcones National Canyonlands Wildlife Park, where they further deepened their appreciation for the great outdoors.

For more than a decade, our RCYF students have been visiting Candlelight Ranch every summer. This summer excursion is one that the students really look forward to because of the unique blend of personal growth, meaningful connections, and adventure! We are grateful to Candlelight Ranch for shaping an experience that will stay with RCYF campers forever.

See some of the photos here

Watch our summer video to see all the action.

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