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❄️☃️26 Years of Heartfelt Joy: Continuing the Legacy of Merry Memories at RCYF

As the stars twinkled above, RCYF's 26th Annual Merry Memories event unfolded like a magical winter tale in the heart of southeast Austin's Dove Springs community. This year's celebration, held under a serene, starlit sky, was not just a continuation of a cherished tradition; it was a reaffirmation of our community's commitment to spreading joy and warmth during the Christmas season.

This year's event drew more than 350 volunteers across #ATX, all uniting with a common goal to create an unforgettable evening for families and friends. For months, groups assisted with toy fundraisers and event preparations. Once the morning arrived, these helpful hearts worked hard to transform the venue into a wonderland of impressive displays, with a beautifully lit red path that created anticipation full of hope and blessings!

Thousands of children receiving cherished gifts, from doll and sports balls to board games and Legos that sparked joy and creativity. It was a wonderful scene of pure happiness, embodying the Christmas spirit of giving at the holidays.

The Merry Memories Posada was another captivating display of tradition and community spirit. This reenactment of Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem was brought to life with vibrant costumes and heartfelt performances, deeply resonating with the audience and adding a profound cultural touch to the festive celebrations.

See the Merry Memories photo gallery here:

See the beautiful Posada photo gallery (❄️🎄the photos can't do justice to what is such an amazing sight in person):

Watch the official event video here:

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