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RCYF Selected as CBS Austin 2021 Community Partner

CBS Austin today has started featuring River City Youth Foundation (RCYF) as its 2021 September Community Partner. As part of the initiative, CBS Austin will highlight RCYF's service to the southeast Austin Dove Springs community from its technology training and college readiness to its mentoring and community development programs.

The monthlong recognition will include on-air PSAs in both English (CBS) and Spanish (Telemundo) as well as featured appearances on both its We Are Austin lifestyle show and Making A Difference news program.

"We are so proud to be recognized by the CBS-Telemundo Community Partner Program," said Mona Gonzalez, the founding Executive Director for RCYF. "It's such a great thing they are doing to help local nonprofits tell their story. For 38 years, River City Youth Foundation has had one consistent story which is to provide life changing educational and wellness opportunities for the most underserved youth and families in greater Austin."

About the CBS-Telemundo Community Partner Program

The CBS Austin and Telemundo Austin Community Partner Program highlights a local organization each month as a way to shine a spotlight on the services they provide to our community. Community Partners are chosen by a CBS/Telemundo panel on a quarterly basis.

About River City Youth Foundation

River City Youth Foundation is Austin’s longest-running locally funded youth agency celebrating 38 years. The award-winning nonprofit organization and technology center is based in southeast Austin Dove Springs area. RCYF provides youth and family skills programs around technology, college and career readiness, mentoring, wellness, community development and more. The agency is a First Place National Keep America Beautiful Award winner. Learn more about RCYF at

Watch the CBS-Telemundo PSAs below.



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