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Students Learn the Science Behind the Sports

RCYF's Spring Break campers had a great time visiting the Science Mill in Johnson City where the theme for the week was "Science on the Field." Students learned about the scientific principles behind some of our favorite sports, such as soccer, football, basketball, track and tennis.

Students learned about the science-backed ways to improve their game. They explored these exhibits and more:

  • Field Goal Physics

    • How does projector motion help guide a football through the goal post?

  • Career as a Sports Statistician

    • How does analyzing data play a huge factor for pro sports players?

  • Big Air Volleyball

    • How does ball weight and resistance affect the game?

  • Racing Roaches

    • What qualities such as speed and characteristics help these critters?

  • Sports Drink Showdown

    • What are the best beverages to help your body before, during, and after the game?

This was River City Youth Foundation's first trip to the Science Mill since its opening in 2015.

It is housed in a historical mill structure in Johnson City that was built in 1880 and featured some of the most technological advancements of its time. All over the museum were hundreds of interactive exhibits and demonstrations making it perfect for the kids to engage and learn. The Science Mill’s mission is for all students—regardless of economic status, location, gender or race—to have equitable access to STEM programs and be able to envision themselves in a future career in STEM.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors for making this trip possible!

Check out some of the highlights below.

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