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Summer's Almost Here -- Woohoo!

Summer is a time for adventure and discovery at River City Youth Foundation (RCYF). We are gearing up to make it the most memorable one yet for our talented and curious campers!

Every year, we run 6-8 consecutive weeks of summer camps where we curate a fantastic lineup of on-campus projects and field trips that seamlessly blend learning and fun. From splashing around in iconic swimming holes to exploring the most cutting edge tech labs, RCYF's summer programs nurture curiosity, shape confident minds, and build lasting friendships.

Our summer camps are designed to spark student's passion and interest around careers and higher education. From individual conversations with inventors to immersive music creation studios, our camps provide a safe and inclusive environment for personal growth and exploration.

At RCYF summer camps, we also prioritize fostering social connections and friendships. Through team-building exercises and collaborative projects, our campers create lasting bonds and memories, strengthening their sense of community and belonging.

We need your support to continue to raise up the next generation's leaders, givers, and visionaries! Donate here.

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