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High-Flying Thrills: A Day at the Vazquez Circus 🎪

We recently had the privilege of experiencing the enchanting world of the Vazquez Circus. This family-owned circus has been dazzling audiences for 50 years. Our students had such a GREAT time seeing all the daring acts and unique talents by an array of captivating performers whose roots stretch across the globe.

Vazquez Circus in Austin, Texas. Photo: River City Youth Foundation

RCYF students enjoyed seeing José Alberto Vázquez, a juggling maestro from Mexico City, whose crafty handling of flying pins and spinning objects left us in a state of awe.

Then there was the Duo Vanegas, hailing from Colombia, who had us gripping our seats watching their gravity-defying stunts on the "Wheel of Wonder." Ricardo and Alejandro performed somersaults, jumped rope, and did acrobatics on a rotating device placed 30 feet high! 🤪

We also loved seeing the trapeze artists, dancers, and contortionists some of whom traveled from Africa and Ukraine.

And last but not least, we loved meeting the Vazquez's famed clown Housh-Ma-Housch who had us laughing our heads off!

Thank you Vazquez Circus for the invitation to experience a one-of-a-kind spectacular day. ❤️ We hope you'll return next year!

See some of the highlights here:

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